Class 158 at Aberystwyth


We have detailed knowledge of the implementation of ERTMS and ETCS. This comes from practical involvement on projects including the Cambrian, Paddington to Heathrow, ETCS on-board fitment to existing locomotives, and the Digital Railway ETCS reference design.

Control system at Machynlleth

Safety management

We have extensive experience of safety engineering and management as applied to ETCS, interlockings and VDU-based control systems. This has developed from working with a wide range of infrastructure managers, signalling suppliers and independent assessment bodies.

ETCS balise

Authorisation and approval

Can’t tell your APIS from your AsBo? Don’t worry, everybody is still learning, but at least we have been there and done that for ROGS, RIR, CSM-RA, CCS TSI, NNTR and most other combinations of letters that you can think of.